You remember the Surf Lakes, the vaguely-steam-punk-looking wave pool endorsed by former world champs Barton Lynch and Mark Occilupo in Aus? Well, after a rocky reveal of their prototype facility a few months back, the company is apparently ready to open a commercial version to surfers by mid-2020 in the very heart of Australian surfing: the Gold Coast.

Last October, Surf Lakes released the above video, featuring pro surfers getting a taste of somewhat lackluster artificial lineups (which seems especially so after watching a week ofCyclone Oma clips) created by the company’s unique wave-making technology. The tech itself is quite different than what you’ve likely seen powering the mechanized tubes of the Surf Ranch and Waco. Using a large (like, extremely large) piece of metal that dips into the water over and over again, engineers are able to produce different waves on all sides of the pool at once.

According to the website, it’ll be the “world’s first multi-break surf park, where 5 different levels of waves are created simultaneously. This allows for surfers of all levels and abilities to surf. You can have learners at one while running a pro competition at the other, something no other wavepool tech is capable of.”

Here’s a little bit from the press release:

Surf Lakes has been scouring the Gold Coast for suitable land, and at present has selected an appropriate site in a location that is centrally located and easily accessible for residents and tourists.

Newly appointed Surf Lakes Chief Executive Officer, Mal Borgeaud, is genuinely excited at the prospect of bringing Surf Lakes to such a coveted, surf-proud locale and envisions the facility will give great benefit to the community.

"As a company, we are tremendously excited to be announcing our commitment to building a facility on the Gold Coast. We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have received from both Council and the Queensland Government," said Borgeaud.

"It makes sense, with the Gold Coast being our home town, that we construct a commercial facility here. We know the facility will bring tremendous benefits to the community, not just by providing waves and surf-oriented fun… it will be a boost for employment, tourism and the local economy," he continued.

The construction is set to begin in late 2019, and if all goes according to plan, finished in time for a grand opening in the second half of 2020.