A House of Waves…No, Really

There's something obviously demoralizing about doing something you've never done before in front of all of your coworkers, and your competitors, and a throng of mid-summer Mission Beach partiers—and having all of your ineptitudes pointed out by emcees laughing at your every move. Yeah, that sucks.

But that was the fate of a group of surf mag employees yesterday afternoon as we were sponsored guests of the San Diego-based Wavehouse and faced off against each other in the "Surf Media Challenge." As it turns out, surfing a standing wave is not all like surfing a real wave, and the wipeouts are a little bit more pronounced as you get sucked over the falls and slammed to a thinly-cushioned bottom. But, within an hour, the more intrepid surferatti had gotten the thing wired and were having a bit of a showdown, with surf media pride in the finals.

As it turned out, of the five finalists, SURFER Magazine had two representatives (Staff Writer Brendon Thomoas, Asst. Photo Editor Marc Kozai) to Transworld's two (Editor Chris Cote, Photo Editor Pete Taras) and Surfing's none (0). In the end, Chris Cote barely beat out Brendon Thomas for the Surf Media Victory, proving that when it comes to surfing chlorine, Transworld is boss.

As of last night, Wavehouse is open to the public and fully operational in Mission Beach's Belmont Park. Go get yourself a ten-second barrel. www.wavehouse.com

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