Contibuted By Dr. Geoff

Average Wave Heights:

Max. Wave Heights:

Average Water Temp:
16 C Degrees

Average Air Temp:
15 C Degrees

Prevailing Winds:
West – Southwest

Significant Swells:
There were six swell worth mention:

East South East swell from August 1-2. It peaked August 1st at 5′.

South East swell August 4-6. It peaked on August 4th at 6′ +.

South East swell August 8-11. It peaked on August 9th at 6′.

South East swell August 13-19. It peaked on August 15th at 10’+.

South East swell August 20-22. It peaked August 20th at 7′.

South East swell moving East South East August 24-29. Stats unavailable at this point in time.

Significant Storms
No local storms of significance this month. Once again all the storm action was out in the Tasman Sea and in our wave window.

Is this a good season? Why?
Yes, South Tasman Sea low pressure cells are now in the wave window for South East Swells. Basically as soon as a low cell or front passes up comes the swell. Also this month the lows have moved along the coast to give a couple of east swells as well.

Best Spots:
Merewether, Bombie, Pogo’s, Newcastle Reefs, Flat Rock/Cowrie, Bar Reef, Swansea Reefs, Leggie Point, The Bluff.

Burwood beach area. Once again the sand has washed out to sea.


Next month will see decreasing swell action as less low cells pop up into our frame. Expect at least two biggish South East swells and possibly one East swell. Water will start to warm up and the crowds will start seeping back as the winter action dies. Hopefully some atypical Spring big surf will hit.

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