THE SOUTH AFRICAN CHARGE: David Weare – After years of toil on the WQS the South African is excited about his new tour.

Davey Weare is the newest South African to qualify for the WCT, and he is a very, very stoked young guy right now. He joins other South Africans Greg Emslie and Travis Logie on the men's tour, as well as Heather Clarke on the women's tour. Davey is a highly progressive surfer, being one of the country's best aerialists, as well as an obsessively motivated surfer and competitor. Should he find his rhythm on his first year he is no doubt going to blow minds, win heats and bust some big turns. Davey has been fighting on the 'QS for a while now and is a prime example of how a whole lot of hard work does eventually pay off. We caught up with him as he was setting into motion his 2006 'CT campaign.— Craig Jarvis Well done on making the WCT for 2006. You must be stoked.

DAVID WEARE: Yip, it’s a dream come true for me. Just so stoked to have finally made the WCT. What changed, if anything, in your approach to the ‘QS in 2005?

DAVID WEARE: I definitely became more determined and focused and put a lot more effort in. Seeing Travis qualify the year before just made me want to do it too. I think putting in more effort was the key. Just gave me more confidence. Pretty good year for you hey? You won the Oakley Big Air in South Africa, qualified, won the Body Glove at Trestles. What else did you win or do really well in?

DAVID WEARE: I got a 2nd in a five-star in Newquay, UK and then got a 5th at the US Open six-star and a 5th at the six-star in Brazil. That's an excellent knock ma bru. What about training? Have you been running sand dunes and doing a thousand push-ups a day?

DAVID WEARE: Seth Hulley gave me this training program he used when he was doing the tour. It’s gym work, and then obviously just surfing a lot. What was the turning point in your results in 2005? The moment when you felt you were destined to qualify?

DAVID WEARE: I think winning that event at Trestles really made me think, like, 'Hey! I can actually do this!' That was a dream event for me, from the location to the guys who surfed in the contest. It really just gave me a push in my thinking and making me believe in myself more. You’re joining Greg Emslie and Travis Logie on the tour, and Heather Clarke has requalified as well. Looks like the South Africans are really on the up right now.

DAVID WEARE: The guys are all doing well. We are definitely seeing South Africans making it through a lot more heats now, and winning more events too. I guess all the boys are believing in themselves more, getting more confidence and surfing better than ever. Who are the next couple of surfers from SA who you reckon are going to qualify?

DAVID WEARE: I think Royden Bryson has a really good shot at making it. We've also got Dan Redman, Ricky Basnett and Warwick Wright champing at their respective bits. What are you looking forward to the most on next years' tour?

DAVID WEARE: Just surfing the most perfect waves in the world with the best surfers in the world. Can’t wait. You’ve been known to pull into some big bombs when the time calls for it. You frothing for Chopes and Pipe?

DAVID WEARE: For sure I’m going to be nervous. I’ve never been to Chopes, but I’m sure that when I’m there and the whole 44 is in the lineup watching, I'm going to just go for it. Where’s your favourite surfing destination in the world? (Don’t tell them about New Pier or the Natal South Coast)

DAVID WEARE: We have unbelievable waves here in SA, but then Indo has some absolutely crazy waves as well. Between SA and Indo is where my favourite sessions have gone down. Are you going to surf both next year and cover yourself on the ‘QS or are you going balls-out on the CT? What's the deal?

DAVID WEARE: I’m going to start out doing both tours just cause it’s my first year on the WCT and I’m sure I’ll have to learn a lot before I get really comfortable, but hopefully by mid year I’ll know whether I’ll have to still do both. Do you have any superstitions when it comes to heats? Lucky boardies, wax combed in a certain direction, magic potion before you paddle out?

DAVID WEARE: Not really, I like to be prepared and listen to certain songs to get me amped before a heat but no superstitions. You have a lot of support and a big fan base in South Africa. Anyone you want to single out and thank?

DAVID WEARE: My family, girlfriend, the P3, Seth Hulley, Cuan Petersen and Elton Fursman. I could thank so many more people who’ve helped me throughout my whole career, but these few have been people have been the ones who’ve really been there for me. We heard you celebrated quite hard that night when you won the Oakley, and found out that you had qualified. You do this sort of thing often?

DAVID WEARE: I don’t party too often I must admit, but that night definitely called for a celebration. Although you’re South Africa’s newest 'CT surfer and star, there must be something lurking in your closet. What’s your biggest vice? Chicken burgers? MacDonalds? Pizza and beer? Ice cream? Crack cocaine?

DAVID WEARE: I drink way too much Coca Cola, been trying to cut down for a long time but it’s pretty hard when I’ve been drinking it my whole life. For sure my biggest vice. Thanks for your time Davey, and good luck for 2006. South Africa and the rest of the world are going to be watching you, and a helluva lot of people are going to be cheering for you.

DAVID WEARE: Thanks very much!