Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of June 6

Strange, pointless things happened this week in the surf world. They have been gathered here.

Breaking News! Sharks Like AC/DC
No, this not an Onion news spoof. According to Australian Geographic, Great White sharks like AC/DC. Apparently songs from the “Back in Black” album make sharks less aggressive. What an incredibly useful finding.

Geese Surfing
This week, these geese were caught on tape "surfing." For some reason, people think animals like surfing as much as we do. They don’t. Exhibits A, B, and C: surfing mice, surfing cat, surfing alpaca. At least the geese did it of their own volition.

Saving the Planet One Case at a Time
A reader named Morrison sent us this picture of a 6’2″ beer can surfboard he made from 72 empty beer cans (six different brands of beer). He prefaced the email with a caution: “Warning: This is crazy,” then went on to say that this is “one of the coolest boards ever made” before advising us to “drink and surf responsibly.”

More People With Too Much Time on Their Hands

Remember Not to Drown This Week
A press release this week from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reminded us that it’s National Rip Current Awareness Week
, the week in which we remember to not drown in a rip current. As always, NOAA urges beach-goers to Break the Grip of the Rip® (they’ve trademarked that phrase, so try to refrain from using it without giving credit). In other words, stay in the “breaker zone.”

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