Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of June 13

All sorts of things make it into our inbox each week. Here are some of them.

Slater Signs With Another Random Ingestible Sponsor
Last month, it was announced that Kelly Slater inked a deal as the new brand ambassador for Daphne’s California Greek food chain. Now, he’s collected a coconut water sponsor. Because free coconut water is good coconut water. Energy drinks are so last year.

Broken Bones at Puerto
Last week’s swell, crushed David Langers leg. Ken “Skindog” Collins was there to capture it all, calling it the “heaviest three days of my life.” Click here to listen to the story.

Bone through skin, not the ideal souvenir from a Puerto session. Photo: Morales

Football Trunks
Quiksilver teamed up with the NFL to bring you Chargers and Raiders boardshorts. Hawaiians Reef McIntosh and Mark Healey teamed up with Quiksilver to bring you a semi-awkward commercial about the California teams.

Skeletons Surfing in the Dark

Panda Bear [of Animal Collective fame] released “Surfer’s Hymn,” described as “A tribute to surfers taken by the sea.” This is pretty weird, but rad.

Sterling Goes to France
Why are dubious foreign-accent voice-overs so funny?

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