Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of July 25

Below is a potpourri of strange and/or interesting and/or funny items that found their way into the computers of SURFER Magazine this week. Enjoy.

Centaur has a Sister
Sterling Spencer’s sister is famous. Like, for real famous. She stars in the new movie Cowboys and Aliens and she’s ridiculously good-looking. See the resemblance?

Abigail and Sterling Spencer, bespectacled.

Maybe it would be best to keep the Monster Energy consumption down to four or five cans a day?

Expensive Wood
At the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction last weekend, a new auction item record was set for the sale of a 1920 9’0″ John Kelly redwood plank, which sold for $41,000. Other high-ticket items included a $30,000 Gerry Lopez ‘Big Wednesday’ Lightning Bolt, a $24,000 1934 Pacific Systems Homes ‘Swastika’ model, a $24,000 Pat Curren/Yater ‘gun’ from 1963, and a $20,000 Greg Noll ‘Da Cat’ model from 1963.

Yes, there it is folks. The $40K peice of wood. Photo: Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction

Paul Fisher Makes People Laugh
Watch this and there’s a good chance you’ll be one of them.

Leopard Eats Wilko in J-Bay
Sexy, kinda.

Matt Wilkinson, taking wild wetsuits to the next level. Photo: ASP

Decarbonation Station
In a press release this week, Decarbonated Sports (no, it’s not an anti-energy drink campaign) unveiled the Surfboard Carbon Calculator, which allows surfers to plug the dimensions/shaper/model of their surfboard and receive a measurement of their carbon footprint. Then they provide you with a monetary amount that would “offset” this carbon footprint, which can be paid via credit card. Basically, this company has found a unique way to entice surfers to donate a random amount of money to good causes.

Chanel Surfboard for Sale
Quick! Now on eBay! ONLY $6,000!

Surfing in the Dark is the New Black
On Tuesday night Nike brought a crane with lights on it and a fog machine to Seaside Reef in San Diego, then enticed surf fans to come look at them by luring them with promises of free tacos, Wavves, and waves. There were no waves, but the Nike team showed up and the tacos were delicious and the surfers surfed and Dusty Payne got run over by a lifeguard on a Jetski and the children enjoyed themselves way beyond their bedtime.

It's past Nick Marshall's bed time. Photo: Ellis

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