While you head into the weekend, here are some things to ponder.

There Were Drugs In Huntington Beach on U.S. Open Weekend!
Just a mile from the U.S. Open mayhem at Huntington Pier this past Sunday morning, lifeguards spotted a small fishing boat filled with three Mexicans. Of course, they immediately assumed they were smuggling drugs or illegal aliens. According to The OC Register, once the men realized they had been spotted, they turned back to sea and were seen throwing a package overboard. The Orange County Sheriff’s department then pursued the boat and arrested the men at gunpoint, making sure to pose for a few photos so that they can update their Facebook profile pictures once they returned home from work.

I'm no expert in Spanish, but one online translator told me 'La Perrucha' means '(female) trouble-maker.' Apt. Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Department

The Shaun White of Dogs
Pretty much the most epic dog of all time.

Owen Wright’s Face-Plant
An e-mail from SURFER photog Jason Childs in Indo: “Just back from my second Desert Point run with Owen–a 48 hour mission. Unfortunately he ate shit on the inside as the swell was coming up and had to get 5 stitches to a huge, gaping wound. It dropped quick last night so we decided that it was better to get Owen back to Bali and to a medical clinic to get assessed. He may have the stitches re-done and some plastic surgery today or fly back to Oz tonight and sort it out.”

A bloody Owen Wright. Photo: Childs

MGMT Gets Shoe-Abused At U.S. Open
Performing at the U.S. Open last weekend, lead guitarist James Richardson yelled, “I don’t think you guys got crazy enough yet! Everybody give me your left shoe, right now!” It was a bad idea. After dodging the barrage he conceded, “That was probably a bad idea.”

Your Weekly Helping of Cheese
According to the spectators on the beach in this video, Batman and the Joker have mastered all the maneuvers.

Surfing Models
Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio was “caught” by paparazzi surfing in Hawaii. Not news, but the captions that accompanied the tabloid feature were worthy of a laugh. More like the one below here.

Clay Marzo is Having the Best Week Ever
Feel free to begin watching at 4:05. Life as Clay Marzo is wonderful. (For his next episode, he should probably consider this song.)

Morgan Maassen’s Strange Photo of the Week
Your weekly installment of weirdness from our weirdest SURFER photog.

Taj Burrow, loosening up. Photo: Maassen

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