Week in Review

Random Happenings in surf for the Week of August 29

Amid the swell-induced hysteria gripping Southern California and New York, other things have happened this week. Here are some of them.

Woman Robs Surf Shop, Is An Idiot
According to the OC Register, 43-year-old Arlene Louise Bremner robbed Inflight Surf and Sail in Seal Beach, CA, then returned a half-hour later to retrieve her purse…and get arrested.


Dustin Barca Wins
…an MMA fight. Click here to watch the full fight. It’s heavy.

Laird Hamilton Memorabilia
Referencing the hat on the left, Laird Tweeted this this week:

Ironically, items with the “Blame Laird” tagline were once made by Laird’s detractors, well, until Laird decided to make the hats himself (he considered it a compliment of course). In retort, those detractors created the hat on the right.

In Other Hat News
Mocking the trite post-heat hat-donning ritual, Rusty made this hat. It’s a fine ironic hat. Good work.

Josh Kerr, Tahiti.

Tales of the Nano-Blogging Rumor Mill
On Monday night, the Twitter world was ablaze with rumors (or supposed confirmations) that the Quik Pro New York was cancelled. “New York is not happening,” they said with certainty. “Now what should we do with the month of September?” they asked. In the end, it was all lies. There may not be the accompanying circus that was planned, but the heats will run.

Not to beat you over the head with the punchline, but in case you're confused, note that none of these people have any say in the status of the event. Brilliant.

B*tch Broke My Board!
Divorce Court drama: “Yes,” she says, “I broke his surfboard out of anger. It’s a piece of junk surfboard. It hasn’t been in the water in forever.” Poor guy, he’ll never get the sentimental value (or the time spent with that scary woman) back.

A Natural Evolution
It was inevitable, of course. We begin with something wood, and eventually it becomes a plastic pop-out. Exhibit A: these hand planes. Icing on the cake, this little nonsensical one-liner in the press release: “The Quicksilver Pro starts this weekend and has a one million dollar cash prize, don’t think you are up for the challenge? Try Slyde hand boards.” Hmm…

Pop-out handplanes! With moto-grunge-faux-'90s designs! Rejoice!

Channel Islands Sued for “Too-Sharp Fin”
According to the LA Times, recreational surfer Tom Gregg filed a lawsuit against Channel Islands Surfboards contending that “a fin on his Channel Islands board cut a ‘deep gash’ on his right leg when he wiped out off the coast of France in 2009.” He also claimed that “the fin severed muscles in his leg and caused injuries so severe that he will never regain full muscle strength in the injured leg.”

This is NOT Tom Gregg's foot. This is Parko's foot from last year. Pretty sure that if you could sue surfboards makers for injuries, he--and all the other bazillion surfers who've ever been injured--would have done that already.

Oh, how fascinated/terrified/enamored we are of sharks. In the past week, Great Whites have been spotted throughout San Diego County. The latest (below), perfectly timed his appearance with the arrival of the South swell (That, or someone who really wants to surf Swamis sans-crowd Photoshopped this and shared it with the press. If so, well done.). Watch the news broadcast here.

Morgan Maassen’s Strange Photo of the Week
…Because he just has so many of them.

Nate Tyler, knee-deep in hours of hard work. Photo: Maassen

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