Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of September 5

Well, it sure was an exciting week. The World Tour in New York! One million dollars! People swearing in interviews! Dane Reynolds! Here are some things that happened there and elsewhere this week.

Everyone is so Punny!
People who make up titles always seem to enjoy it when someone with a homophonous name wins an event, as evidenced by the following examples of today’s Owen Wright titles…

Shark! (Part 2)
Last week we shared a photo of a supposed shark in the lineup at Swamis in San Diego. There was all sorts of Internet debate over whether it was real or not. Then this shows up. Dun…dun…dun.

More Tales of the Beer Can Surfboard
A while back we showed you Rich Morrison’s beer can surfboard. Then we showed him riding it at Blacks. Now he’s ventured to Lowers to ride it. Now if he can only figure out a way to make this novelty board a bit more functional…

Wavegarden Pro
I’m not sure if you can technically call it a surf contest if there are only two competitors, no judges, and no prize money, but they did. Wavegarden, the artificial wave in Northern Spain played host to the Wavegarden Pro last week, an event that pitted Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo against one another in an epic knee-slapping battle. Now just imagine if they figure out how to make that thing hold head-high waves.

Tolerant Dogs Endure Enthusiastic Owners, Get Rewarded
Surfing dogs, a glorious sub-culture of human/animal interaction. According to the Huffington Post, a Jack Russell named Buddy will be the first inductee into the Surf Dog Hall Of Fame. Yes, a Hall of Fame for surfing dogs. Watch the video about Buddy here (and try to decipher whether the voiceover is an attempt to be satirical, or whether he drank the KoolAid too.)

They love it.

Appreciation of Beauty, Starting Young.

It starts early. Photo: Nicholson

Bobby, as Bert
Bobby’s rant in his post-heat interview sure did fire you guys up. People were angry. And yelling! On our message boards, and Facebook, and our website! At the ASP! At Bobby! Venomous rage! So serious! This video takes a lighter route (thanks, ASL).

What’s Next for Bobby?

Life after the ASP?

Morgan Maassen’s Strange Photo of the Week
This week Morgan was in New York at the Quik Pro. This is just one fine example of the oddness he captured.

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