Week In Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of September 19

Here are some things that happened this week.

Do You Like Watching Duck Diving?
Because if there’s actually swell in San Fran for the upcoming Rip Curl Search event, you’re going to be watching a whole lot of it given that Jet Skis have been banned from the contest. Initially, the National Parks Service had forged an agreement with the Search event to allow Jet Skis for the one-time event at Ocean Beach (a spot with a notoriously treacherous paddle out), but recently reneged on that, fearing they would set a precedent for future events there.

Something to Argue About
Every contest needs things to argue about, or else the anonymous creatures hiding behind their computer screens would have no inspiration to spew venomous hatred at each other on forums and comment sections. Thank goodness, there was questionable judging in the final and the Julian interference below.

Slater Wins Twitter
Kelly might Tweet more than any other human. Here are some of his post-Trestles-win Tweets. #complimentinglosersmakesthemhateyouless.

Three Random Crowdsourced Photoshopped Photos
I found these on the Interweb.

The Most Animated Heat Commentary Ever
PT may have taken 10 years off his life with the excitement he elicited in describing Slater’s wave at 5:40 in the video below.

Lasers Are the New Black
Get out your glow sticks, turn the sound up on your computer, then watch Aritz Aranburu surf Mundaka. In the dark. With LED lights.

JKJK, Body Surfing is the New Black
Come Hell or High Water premiered throughout California this week. This video was also made about body surfing (DON’T watch this if you are easily offended).

No, No, Black is Actually the New Black
This week, in an article in LA Times Weekly called “Thoughts From a Random Black Guy: The Time I Took The Surfing World By Storm” the author tells the tale of his likely fictitious surf career, which he concludes with: “After winning all of those trophies and awards, I grew tired of competing professionally, which led to my early retirement. Every now and then I will show up at the beach and put on a show with my awesome moves and graceful skills. If you see me in a tuxedo at the beach, be prepared to see some good-ass surfing. -L-Boy”. Meanwhile a USA Today article announced the premiere of the film White Wash, which “explores the history of black surfing in America.”

Photo courtesy LA Times Weekly/ Kelly Clancy.

“Training Surfboard” For Sale
Training surfboard, ironing board–same thing.

Charity and Fancy Pants
ISA President and Surfing Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) chief Fernando Aguerre hosted the annual Liquid Nation Ball at his oceanfront home last week. Since 2004, Liquid Nation Ball has provided $1.4 million to surf-related non-profits and millions of strange looks to people the world over.

Fernando's fancy outfits.

Morgan Maassen’s Strange VIDEO of the Week
This week SURFER photog compiled the videos on his iPhone. It is six whole minutes of strange, with intermittent appearances by surfing professionals.

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