Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of September 26

“Jamie O’Brien” (Chas Smith?) commented on last week’s Week in Review condemning my overuse of the word “random.” If you too have been outraged my word choice and are losing sleep over my vocabulary, I apologize. In other news, lots of things happened this week. None of them are random.

Chris Burkard is Big in San Luis Obisbo
Our very own Chris Burkard made the local news in SLO.


SPY Backs Midgets Too
Thanks to the folks at TLC, who told us it was okay to exploit little people for entertainment (see: Little Chocolatiers, The Little Couple, and Little People, Big World), it has now been deemed acceptable to celebrate (and film and put boxing gloves on) midgets. SPY took advantage of the age of small-human liberation, employing midgets to punch each other at the Quik Pro in New York.

Bedtime Stories with Buttons
This is from 2007, but it’s epic.

The New Newest Craze
According to a FoxNews.com article, “people are taking one of the fastest growing sports and adding new twists — literally.” This activity will happen “just beyond the crash of ocean waves” and it shall be called “yoga boarding.” The article goes on to say, “paddleboards are much more ample than you’d think, at 11 x 12 feet and up to three feet wide.” Let’s hope boards of that size stay just beyond the crash of ocean waves.

This is what's SUP.

This is Neat
So is this.

Steph Gilmore, as Disc Jockey
Steph was a guest DJ on radio station KCRW last week. Click here to hear the show.

KCRW DJ Liza Richardson and Stephanie Gilmore.

Matt Wilkinson, as Moss
This is weird.

Google Sponsors Surf Film Festival
It was announced this week that the Canadian Surf Film Festival will be backed by the King of the Interweb, Google. Google also recently partnered with professional surfer Raph Bruhwiler, using the Google Search Story campaign to track his discovery of yet un-surfed waves on Google Earth. Is Google going to be a “surf brand” too soon?

Alex Gray Was on Millionaire Matchmaker
The full episode of the Bravo show where Alex teaches a millionaire and date to surf doesn’t exist online yet, but it was Episode 7 if you happen to want to watch it.

Alex and his highly talented pupils.

Phosphorescent Waves
In the daylight, the red tide that has enveloped San Diego makes the water a hideous brown color, but at night it’s amazing.

The German Surfing Championships…in France
On October 1-8, the best German surfers will travel to France for their national champs. “As waves in the North and Baltic Sea are not as good as those powerful Atlantic beachbreaks, the German Surfing Championships are taking place in France since many years,” the press release stated.

Well Done, Daniel Tosh. Well Done.
Surely you’ve seen this. It’s been Tweeted, re-Tweeted, Facebook linked, e-mailed, and faxed 8.7 million times since Wednesday. But in case you’ve been snuggling with yourself under a rock this week, here you go. The line was certainly crossed, but overall he nailed it. Click here to see the whole thing.

Morgan Maassen’s Strange Photo of the Week

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