Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of October 3

Nudity was big this week. See below.

Three Minutes of Girls Without Faces

Wilko Has Boobs
This year, Matt Wilkinson has debuted a new, wildly printed custom wetsuit for each event. In honor of the topless women of France, he commissioned this breast-filled wonder for the Quik Pro France.

Wilko's collection of single boobs.

Steph Gilmore Shows Us Her Boobs, Too
In the third annual ESPN Magazine Body Issue, which just hit newsstands, former World Champ Steph Gilmore posed for this sexy nude photo.

A very naked four-time World Champ. Photo: Luis Sanchis for ESPN Magazine

…And For More Nudity, We Turn to France
…Where a swarm of unclothed fans followed Taylor Knox into the water during a freesurf.

They're drawn to Taylor Knox. Photo courtesy Taylor's Twitter

The Most Intense Sporting Event on Earth
This story was reported this week on Surfers Village. The photo/headline combo is just fantastic.


Surf Furniture!

Shapers Karl Ekstrom, Tim Bessell, Ned McMahon collaborated with furniture company Nomad Mobili to create a line of slick, metallic-looking surf furniture, which will debut at the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo at Del Mar Faigrounds this weekend.

This Guy Surfs a “Little Tsunami” in Alaska
Start watching at 1:30. Apparently this wave, which resembles a tidal bore, is actually a tsunami that occurred as a result of a quake in the area (so says the description on the video).

Kelly vs. Sunny, a Twitter Battle

A Surf Charter Gone Bad
In Australia surfing is a real sport. Therefore, in Australia, surfing can be the subject of real movies. Here is a trailer for a film that will be released in cinemas in Australia. It’s “a psychological thriller set on a surf charter.”

Surfing is a Real Sport in Hawaii, Too
Just this week it was announced that surfing will be an official sport in public schools in Hawaii. According to Reuters, “The cost of the plan, which has been in the works for four years, was originally estimated at $150,000 per year. About a third of that sum already has been secured from outside sources.” All I can say is, about time. [The video below has absolutely nothing to do with Hawaii, but it’s what appeared when I YouTube’d “high school surfing.” It was an epically cheesy find that deserved sharing.]

Mick Fanning and Owen Wright Paddle in a Pond
The two Aussies tested out the Wave Garden, the miniature prototype for every surfer’s dream: a personal, backyard wave.

Sterling Spencer’s Beautiful Sister to Star in Jay Moriarty Movie
Currently in production and starring Gerard Butler, Of Men and Mavericks is the Hollywood film depicting the story of Jay Moriarty. It was announced this week that Elizabeth Shue and Abigail Spencer will join the cast as well.

Elisabeth Shue and Sterling's sister, Abigail Spencer.

Morgan Maassen’s Strange Photo of the Week
Another installment of odd.

Nate Tyler, blowing bubbles. Photo: Maassen

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