Week in Review

Random Happenings in surf for the Week of October 10

It was a big week for sharks…and lies.

Apparently sharks found their way to this golf course lagoon in Brisbane during a flood, and are now stuck there. The description on the video below states that “the sharks seem to be thriving.” Interestingly, this video was posted on all sorts of surf-related websites this week though it has absolutely nothing to do with surfing.

Nike Heels
Nike 6.0 North America posted on their Facebook this week: If Michael Jordan had his signature shoe, why can’t Laura Enever?” You like?

A Tall Tale (Or, More Sharks!!!)
This guy claims he “surfed a shark” in Oregon.

Laird and Oprah Discuss SUPs
Not new, but neat.

The Woman You’ve Been Dying to See Surf
You’re welcome.

JK, Here She Is
Victoria Secret model Alessanda Ambrosio surfed in Waikiki this week.

The Nautical Negro!
…His title for himself, not mine. This week, we received an email from Brian James, a self-professed “Nautical Negro” who just published a book of the same title. The book follows the “Adventures Of A Black Waterman,” and includes two parts: the first “written in 1999-2000 during his first stay of incarceration in the New York State Prison System, and was the first piece of writing he had ever attempted” and the second “written ten years later from that same New York State Prison System.” He is available for speaking engagements.

The Nautical Negro in action.

Ahead of the Curve?
A friend posted this on the interweb this week. Apparently it was on the wall of a bathroom.

A Kelly Slater Cartoon

The Pro Surfer Scam Artist is Back
A few years ago someone was contacting surf shops and people in the surf industry, claiming to be a pro surfer who was in a bind and needed money wired to him. On Wednesday I received an email from Patrick Gudausakas’ email account that read:
I’m in Cyprus right now and need a quick loan of $3000 from you. I found myself in a situation which I need to take care of ASAP. I will refund the money back to you when I get back and that should be in about a week time. Please email back as soon as you get this and please keep this between us

Knowing this was likely a scam, naturally, I responded:
Oh no! What happened Pat?! How can I help??

“Pat” responded:

Thanks a lot. I would have called but I lost my phone, money and credit cards which is why i need the loan. Please send me whatever amount you can come up with i will refund and explain better when i get back. You can send it to me through western union so I can receive it in minutes over here. This is the address which should be filled on the western union form: 15 Poseidon Avenue, 8098 Paphos, Cyprus Europe. Please don’t forget to send me the details, the MTCN reference number on the payment receipt which will be given to you after making the payment I will need it to receive the money. Let me know the amount I will receive here in Euros.I really appreciate this and I’ll explain everything to you when I get back.
Please let me know you got this mail and when you will be able to send it.

So I wrote back:
Okay, I'll see what I can pull together. Are you safe? Why can't your family help you?

“Pat” was quick to dispel my concerns:
Jana, [the real Pat wouldn’t spell my name wrong, right?]
Thank again, i will be expecting your mail with the transfer details. I did not ask them because i don’t want them panicking. I will refund back whatever you loan to me and explain better when i get back.

So I sent him a question only the real Pat would know the answer to. No response. Gotcha. I sincerely hope no idiots wired money to this person.

Time to change your email address, Pat. (Who uses Hotmail anymore anyway?)

And From Another Delusional Internet Human…
I got an email that said:
I would like to publish global internet government in surfer magazine


Here is a video of Charles, who believes that one day he will be the President of the Global Internet Government.

Morgan Maassen’s Strange Photo of the Week

Enough sun for you, Inland Man. Photo: Maassen

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