Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of March 21

Important, interesting things have happened in the surf world this week. You will not find those things here.

The Mystery of YouTube Sensations
Faux-celebrity Rebecca Black taught us that you don't have to produce anything worthwhile to get millions of views on YouTube. Similarly, the most-watched surf-related YouTube video has absolutely nothing about it that merits mass attention. Yet 8.7 million people have watched it. Why? The video description ingeniously picks up all the creepy-pervy-Internet-search buzz words (i.e. "Surf Girl gets Wet," "Sexy Oil Surfer Girl.") But 8.7 million views? Really? Don't watch it. Seriously, it doesn't deserve the page views (we know you're watching it right now).

The Unluckiest Guy of the Week
Forty-eight-year-old Dave Pearson caught just one wave on his brand new board when a 9-foot shark attacked him at Headland Beach near Crowdy Head in New South Wales, leaving him with an injured arm and head and a bite out of his surfboard. This was the second attack in this area in the last week.

Jordy Speaks at the Sports Science Institute
Well, actually he was just sharing insight with the 2011 SA Junior Surfing Team during their training camp there. But for some reason, Jordy in front of a classroom is funny.

Photo: Surfing South Africa

The Battle Over the Gut
In our April issue, we ran a letter in "Post" by reader Sherri Wick from Minneapolis, MN, who had this to say about he following photo: "I think I speak for every woman in America (hell let's make that the World) when I say that picture of those men is just so not right! For God's sake gentlemen put on a shirt and pull up your freakin' wetsuit!"

Shaper Leroy Dennis and Nathan Fletcher. Image from SURFER's January issue. Photo: Hank

This week, we got a letter from Les Walsh in the Chester County Prison in West Chester, PA, who says, "In response to Ms. Wick's letter asking Nathan Fletcher and Leroy Dennis to put shirts on, I must say to all the prima-donna skinny mini, surfer wannabe's out there GET REAL!!" He goes on: "Why don't you send in a full body shot of yourself in a string bikini and let the rest of the world judge your body... Maybe one more episode of the Kardashians and you'll be ready to get over yourself. While my heroes surf monster outer reefbreaks, yours carry Chihuahuas in their purses." Les obviously has some deeper issues.

Prison letter of the week.

And From the Realm of TMZ-esque Gossip…
In case you happen to care, surfer Jon Rose is apparently dating Pamela Anderson. This photo shows him checking his Code Red app (an app he invented that alerts a man about where his lady is in her menstrual cycle). Looks like he’s in the clear.

Photo: X17online.com

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