Week in Review

Random Happenings in surf for the Week of October 31

This week there was a whole lot of this: Shark!! Shark sightings! Sharks biting people! Sharks!!!! Or, alternately: Kelly! Ke11y Slater!!!! Ke11y!!!!!! JK, no Ke11y!!! Here are some things you might not be tired of hearing about (Or, you can click on all each of those exclamations if you didn’t get enough this week).

Wilko Has Nap Time, Cops Disapprove of Public Naps
Matt Wilkinson was arrested on October 22 after a Newport Beach resident reported seeing a drunk man asleep in the street. Wilko was detained for being drunk in public. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “Wilkinson, 23, who declares on his popular blog ‘I’m superbadass and the women love it,’ was picked up in the wealthy coastal suburb of Newport Beach, south of Los Angeles.” Awesomely, multiple news media outlets chose that particular quote from Wilko’s blog to explain the incident. No charges were made, and Wilko was released after he had a nap in a Newport-approved sleeping area.

That day was, in fact, the best day ever.

In Other Wilko News…
This video is awesome.

Westerly Windina, Wow.
This week the Sydney Morning Herald did a video feature on “Westerly Windina,” formerly known as World Surfing Champion Peter Drouyn. You’ve probably heard his/her story before, but it’s still entirely fascinating. Click here to watch the video (SMH doesn’t provide embeddable videos, sorry).

Westerly, then and wow.

Surf-Related Headline of the Week

Surf-Related Photo-Selection of the Week


Surf-Related Car Accident of the Week

Neiman Barcus, a pet boarding facility in Los Angeles now offers surf lessons to your pets while you’re on vacation. The caption for the below photo featured on USA Today explains that this German Sheppard named Heidi is getting a surfing lesson in the facility pool while her owners are on vacation. Seriously?

Heidi, shredding. Photo: USA Today

Steph Signs Deal with Nikon, Gets Surfboard Reminding Herself Who She Is

Steph Gilmore, the new Nikon ambassador.

Dane, a Bungalow, and a Falcon
This week Rolling Stone featured a story on Dane Reynolds’ aversion to competitive surfing. In it, they included this lovely depiction: “Reynolds shies away from most interviews, preferring to spend his time away from surfing in the study of his bungalow in Ventura, where he lives with his girlfriend, and their a pet falcon. He reads philosophy and writers like Charles Bukowski.”

Dane and falcon. Photo: Interview Magazine

This is an Awesome Photo
That is all.

The King, and a king, and Cheese. Photo courtesy Sterling Spencer

Bored Pro Surfers Make Halloween Movies
Kauai’s Koa and Alex Smith of LastNameFirst.tv made this little Halloween gem.

And from the East Coast, the crew at Wild Lyfe created this spooky nugget. Ah, to have so much free time.

Creepy Colored Humans
These folks celebrated Halloween in Town by spandexing themselves and going for a surf.

Holy Whale!
This is crazy.
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Okay, Had to Put Something Kelly-Related
The kids over at Australia Surfing Life spent today creating this little number. It’s beautiful.

Naked Celebrity Look-Alike of the Week: Pretend Parko

Joel Parkinson's doppelganger, just hanging with friends in France. Photo: Maassen

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