Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of December 5

It was a week full of newsworthy items of actual importance (i.e. the self-proclaimed Biggest Night in Surfing, massive surf for the Pipe Masters, etc.). Here are some un-newsworthy items of no actual importance that also occurred.

Cory Lopez and His Small Child
Even if you’re one of those people who thinks kids are gross, you should watch this. It’s amazing.

A Surfer and a Bodyboarder: A Brawl
Ignore the club music, and go to about 1:35 if you enjoy watching a good fist-fight sparked over ownership of a shoulder-high wave.

“The Dolphin Jetpack That Lets You Swim Like One”
…Is the title of this recently posted YouTube sensation. Bizarre.

Surf-Related Article Title of the Week
Red Bull reported that Carissa Moore was at the “crest of a wave.” No, I believe she was at Surfer Poll.

If this doesn’t make you squirm with second-hand embarrassment, you may not be a human being.

Another Lovely Mainstream Depiction of Surfing
The Wall Street Journal reported this week that with the new RipSurferX workout machine you can “hang ten in the gym.” No you can’t.


I’m All for Creativity, But…
This may just be the weirdest Surfer Poll “coverage” ever. This guy came as “media” and then had the surf celebs in attendance take dozens of pictures of him, which he posted online. Hmm…

Mustaches of the Week

Paparazzi Shot of the Week
Lindsay Lohan and surf agent Blair Marlin, watching the Pipe Masters.

Instagram, Like Twitter Without All the Annoying Words
Our ingenious digital team figured out a way to have a live feed of Instagram photos appear on our website during the Surfer Poll Awards. This is one such gem. Check out more here.

Sally Fitzgibbons and Dylan Graves, looking quite sharp.

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