Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the week of March 28

Disclaimer: None of this information is necessarily important to your surf life, or your week, or surfing. But hopefully it takes up 5 minutes that you otherwise would have spent doing less pleasurable activities.

This is from a few months ago, but it’s awesome.

The Oldest Lady on Tour
According to the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand, 51-year-old Marguerite Vujcich is actively competing on the New Zealand national contest circuit. She's currently ranked seventh overall. As in, the seventh best female surfer in the country. "My coach says he’ll get me to number one," she says.

Lawyer, musician, and competitive surfer Marguerite Vujcich. Photo: John Cowpland/Surf.co.nz

A New Kook in Town
While the Cardiff kook has been the butt of jokes and the topic of harsh criticism from San Diego locals, there is an arguably kookier kook has been shredding the streets of Ventura in his overalls without anyone noticing. Ventura kook certainly deserves the same notoriety and condemnation as his metallic brother down south. Or at least a share of the holiday outfits.

The Kook of Ventura. (Excuse the horrible angle. I'm not a photographer.)

Abbreviation of the Week
Enunciating words longer than three syllables is exhausting. The guys at the brand Ambiguous apparently thought so, announcing in a press release this week that they have shortened the name of their brand to simply Ambig.

The Names they are a Changin’
Following the renaming of street names in Durban, South Africa, the local municipality has now voted to rename some of Durban’s iconic beaches too. Under the new naming conventions Jordy Smith will no longer be a “New Pier” local, but rather a “Goodwell Beach” local. The “Bay of Plenty” (the break made famous by Shaun Tomson and co.) will now become the “Bay of Dr Langalibalele Masabalala.” As eloquent as Tomson is, it’s safe to assume that even he will have a hard time pronouncing that one.

Goodwell Beach. Pumping. Photo: Pat Flanagan

Painting Barns
As if the juxtaposition of the words "Surf" and "Ohio" was not odd enough, Surf Ohio, a self-proclaimed “iconic lifestyle brand,” revealed this week an ambitious plan to see its trademarked logo painted on at least one barn in each of the state's 88 counties. In describing the painting of the first barn, below, the press release read: “While doing a quick exterior inspection of Snorkweiler's 107-year-old barn, Kaplan dealt with dodging aromatic cowpatties, amorous fowl, an angry raccoon, and swarms of flies.” Fun.

Photo: Surfohio.com

Burning Boats
According to Hawaii News Now, for the third time in less than three months a North Shore Shark Adventures boat was intentionally set on fire at Haleiwa Harbor. Apparently locals aren’t keen on the idea of deliberately attracting sharks.

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