Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of January 9

Another week down, another batch of weirdness collected.

SUPs, Our Favorite People To Hate
Last weekend, under the advisement of Surfline, the whole of California went to Rincon, like good little lemmings. The video below captures one predictable result. Here’s another one.

“Rincon Management” attempted to crack down on the madness.

Absolutely Amazing
This is fantastic in every possible way. You need to watch this right now (with sound on).

Gerard Butler, A Man of Mavericks
It was reported several weeks ago that actor Gerard Butler nearly drowned while filming for the upcoming Hollywood flick Of Men and Mavericks. Here he discusses it.

A Cave for Waves
Just released: The WaveCave, a wonderful patent-pending UK invention.

More Sharkssss!!!
This week, iTunes released the Expedition White Shark app, “the world’s first app designed to track adult white sharks in real time!” The app uses the Marine Conservation Science Institute’s satellite tags to track where the Great Whites are in your area. Just not so sure we all really want to know that.

Duh dun, duh dun, duh dun

An Amusing Facebook Photo, with a Broken English Comment
Aamion Goodwin’s son, Given, and a teeny tiny Christenson board.

Shaky Camerawork, a Common Side Effect of Hipsterdom
Filmmaker Riley Blakeway recently released the trailer for his upcoming 12-minute Super 8 film, “Thom,” about a surfer named Thom Pringle. In an interview for Stab, Blakeway provides this anecdote about Thom: “We hit a bird while driving the other day and the poor kid couldn't speak. A tear ran down his cheek and there was an awful silence. It broke his heart.” The film, hopefully, will be just as beautiful.

Apocalypse Later
It’s just glorious that people have this much time on their hands.

SURFER Photo of the Year in The Times (London)
Zak Noyle’s Teahupoo photo, which was voted Photo of the Year by our Facebook fans, appeared in The Times this week.

Snack Time
This baby ate our issue. And her parents were so proud they put it on YouTube.

More Snack Time
Surfer Daniel Falconbridge, 24, was surfing at Garie Beach in South Sydney when a seal took a massive bite out of his leg. According to the report on The Leader, “It wasn't just any seal either, but one well-known to those who frequent the area. He even has a name: Cecil.”

Damn you, Cecil. Photos: TheLeader.com.au

That is all.

Board Eat Board
Check out this strange creation (and don’t miss the :35-second mark).

Huge News in Australia!
The Aussie tabloids ate this story up this week: “Lara Bingle appears to have a soft spot for surfer Dion Agius.” According to The Telegraph, “a summer romance blossomed between Byron Bay-based Agius and the 24-year-old.”

From Slater’s Twitter Feed
Amid the dozens of Tweets, re-Tweets, hashtag, Instgram, @ madness that is Kelly’s Twitter feed was this re-Tweeted nugget, which was accompanied by the caption: “Check it out, I guess you and Brad Pitt are brothers! #random photo.”

Twins...? Not so sure.

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