Not sure if more ridiculous things are happening each week, or if I’ve simply perfected the art of finding them…

Slater to Save the Day!
Earlier this week, we published a story about Chicago surfer Rex Flodstrom, who was arrested for surfing in Lake Michigan. Today, based on the below Tweet, Fox Sports (and other publications) reported that “Kelly Slater says he may travel to Chicago to attend the court hearing.” Twitter=Fact.

“Brush Surfing,” Yet Another Fabulously Bad Idea
This is for real.

This Week in Hawaii News…
The new planking.

Occy Calls for Surfer Limit at Snapper
According to, “Mark Occhilupo wants to limit the number of surfers heading out to the line-up through the keyhole at Snapper Rocks” via a marshal would would stand at the keyhole “saying ‘hang on a second’, keeping it to five guys at a time and then another five guys a few minutes later.” So far, those polled on the site are not fully in favor of the idea.

It Was Only a Matter of Time
We’ve heard the “Shit (Just about everybody) Says” on YouTube. This guy takes a stab at surfers.

Board Eats Board, Part Two
Last week, Rob Machado’s surfboard ate a surfboard. This week his surfboard ate a snowboard. Nom. nom. Nom.

Healey Lands Cover of International Freediving
Good work Mark, you are officially the man.

'Celebrating 19 years.' They just couldn't wait one more year to celebrate.

Rihanna Went Surfing in Hawaii

That's what I wear surfing, too.

“Chain Surfing”
This dog is amazing.

That is all.

Wrong weapon, bud. Photo:

Seal Love
Last week, Cecil ate a person. This week, seals redeem themselves. This seal is awesome too.

Where Taylor Steele Would Rather Be

It’s Official, Everyone Has a Blog
Forty-five-year-old Brad Gerlach just launched his new blog, with this video.

Context-free Instagram Photo of the Week


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