A week light on weird. Enjoy.

Blind Surfing
This is pretty impressive.

Glitter. And Such.
We received a press release this week about a musical called “Glitter Beach,” which “invites you to ride the waves with androgynous surfer Reef Bedrock.” It advises us to “grab your leopard surf board and glitter guitar and take a wild ride with us!” Loosely related, back in 1992 Barbie released these “male” “surf” dolls.

Grab your leopard surfboard!

Chris Del Moro, Male Model
Chris and his hairy face, now featured in a Zadig & Voltaire Fragrance ad campaign.

CDM, Big Timing.

Mikey De Temple, Male Model as Well
Mikey and his spectacles, now featured in a J.Crew suit campaign.

For Sterlings Tens of Fans
This is the description of this video on YouTube: “Meet ‘Tyler’ (no relation to Adriano de Souza … we think), who’s just had a ripping session at Pipeline and is reveling in the adoration of his tens of fans.”

Parties on the Goldy
Lay days at the Quik Pro Gold Coast made this the perfect week for slightly/highly intoxicated celebration. And three of the major Aussie surf publications–STAB, Australia Surfing Life, and Tracks–took this as an opportunity to out-rad each other with their party-throwing skills.

'My name is Craig Anderson, and I approve these parties.' Photos (L to R): Stab party, ASL party, Tracks party

Animals Who’d Rather Not Surf
This week, the Huffington Post Comedy section featured 13 videos of animals surfing and skating. Most of these animals look miserable. See here, or below.

Silly Tourists
Well, that’s one way to do it I guess.

Taken on Queen K Highway on the Big Island. Photo: Jamie Rosenfeld

Wilko and Friends
These guys are over the top.

“News,” They Called This
We had an Instagram photo of this last week, and now we have the video. Australia’s Daily Telegraph produced this little piece covering the Australian Open, knowing all too well that gratuitous booty shots remain the easiest way to get Internet eyeballs. They also produced this very averagegallery of frolicking girls. Please excuse its tiny size, they want you to click on it to make it bigger. Those tricksters.

Instagram Photo of the Week

Photo: @Rissmoore10

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