Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of February 19

It’s a strange world we live in. As evidenced below.

Beach Art
“High-speed artists” Ged Bryan and Jon Hicks of Devon-based firm Here and Gone created these massive 100-foot footprints in the sand at Blackpool Beach in the UK. The artists also made this massive art piece at Devon Beach last month.

Big Foot wuz hea. Photo via MailOnline.com

Tortoises Are Not Aquatic Reptiles
Pretty sure that makes this animal abuse?

A Very Aussie Headband
Julian Wilson and Nike paired up to make these sweat bands to promote breast cancer awareness at the Quik Pro Gold Coast. Not sure how well that would go over in the U.S.

Photo: Nike Surfing

A Serious Sterling Spencer Interview
Getting weirder by the day, bud.

Fun With PhotoShop
A “Happy President’s Day” PhotoShop gift from Ocean Minded.

Peace to you too, Obama.

Lean and Green
In an online feature called “My Daily Routine” by Bon Appetit, Kelly Slater’s breakfast was featured. He says, “I generally start my day off with hot water and lemon–to cleanse the body out after sleeping.” The rest may make you feel guilty about your morning doughnut. Or not.

Slater's breakfast O'Champions. Photo: Matt Duckor/Bon Appetit

L.E.D. Surfer
Though this is not actually “surfing,” it’s pretty trippy.

Laura Gave Up Heels
For the month of February, Laura Enever gave up one of most prized possession: her high-heels. This act of extreme sacrifice was part of a campaign called Feb Free, which encourages participants to go without a treasured item throughout February and be sponsored along the way. The campaign raises money for a school in Tanzania. She completed the month, and finished it off by wearing athletic shoes to the ASP Awards Banquet.

Laura Enever and Granger Larson. Photo: ASP

Icy Shredding
This context-free photo appeared as Photo of the Day this week on Yahoo News.

Burrrrr. Photo via Yahoo News.

“We’re All Part of the Tribe”
Kenny Powers, sponging in Florida in East Bound and Down.

A Strange Soft-Top Craze
Last week, we posted a story about that big blue and white board that keeps popping up in lineups and photos. This week, a crew made a vid about it.

Good Luck With That
These boards appeared in last week’s Week in Review, and since then three more have sold for $2,500 a pop in Gilt. Here’s the Sports Illustrated Magazine page where they are featured, which tells us that it’s “Now Possible to Hang Ten on a Ten.” I beg to differ.

'Cowabunga!,' Sports Illustrated said.

Instagram Photos of the Week
Events like the annual ASP Banquet give surfers the opportunity to dress up and show off their hot dates. Matt Wilkinson jumped at that opportunity.

Wilko and his date, filmer Nick Pollet. Photos: @mattwilko8 (Bottom Right Photo: ASP/Kirstin)

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