Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of March 5

While you were busy changing your Facebook profile photo to Kony 2012, all this happened.

What is This?
If you can figure out what this is, please explain.

The Master of SEO Is Selling a Board on Craigslist
By adding of every single surfboard-related word that ever was to the bottom of his Craigslist post, this guy ensured that his 5’10” fish would show up no matter what you were looking for. Well done sir.

Back Pat, Back Pat
We’re on Apple.com! Yay us!

Great Lengths
Apparently the sign below, which was erected at Elands Bay on the West Coast of South Africa and prohibits kite surfers, windsurfers, and SUPs from the lineup, is a fake. According to municipal authorities, “There is no such Act as the National Parks, Beaches and Recreations Act, and also no Act 246 of 2008.” No one knows who actually enacted this elaborate hoax.

Looks legit. 'Act No 246 of 2008' was a nice touch.

Mind Games
A post by Slater this week.

Surf Band-Aids
Introducing “New Designer Band-Aid for Surfers.” Apparently BAND-AID® Brand partnered with fashion designer and surfer Cynthia Rowley to create this limited-edition collection of 100% waterproof bandages. Now your wetsuit Band Aid can match your wetsuit.

Get 'em while they're hot! Wetsuit zipper Band Aids.

Same Same
In reference to their new redesign, Transworld Surf editor Chris Cote Tweeted: “Transworld SURF is reborn … Other mags can start biting and copying once again, but you’ll never catch up. @transworld_surf." Oh yeah?

Thirty-four years late to the party. Transworld 2012 and Surfer 1978.

A Laura Enever Gif
For this week’s edition of Someone Has Too Much Time On Their Hands, I give you this.

The Token Bikini-Related Incident
How else was I going to get you to click on this week’s Week in Review? This week Panama City Beach earned the Guinness World Record this week for the World's Largest Bikini Parade. It included 450 women in bikinis, breaking the record held by Gold Coast, Australia, where 357 women paraded last year. America, f$%k yeah.

Silly Saffas
If you too are a fan of ridiculous titles, you might enjoy this one.

Loyal to the Doyle
The strange obsession with the soft-top continues.

Mean Men Memes!

Kolohe’s “Week in Review”
Kolohe Andino posted this Instagram photo titled “Week in Review #goodlookingplaces #goodlookinghumans.”

Instagramming Polaroids. Ponder that one for a second. Insta-Instant photos. Photos: @kolohe_andino

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