Week In Review

Random Happenings in Surf For the Week of April 4

This was a busy week in the surf world. No, I’m not talking about the PRIME event in W.A., or the inaugural ASP Pro Junior event in Tahiti, or the fact that the wildcards were announced for the upcoming Tour event at Bells. Things that are far less important and far more entertaining happened this week. They are listed below.

The Magician is at it Again
Santa Cruz's Zoltan Torkos is the magician/kick-flip-master/self-promotion-maestro who came to fame when he announced to the world in a press release last month that he was a magician/kick-flip-master/self-promotion-maestro, and deserved $10,000 for it. He has since congratulated himself, gotten his brother's media company to capitalize on his superstardom (notice the watermark on the video below), and announced in a recent press release about himself that he has now also completed "the first Darkslide in surfing captured on video." He clarifies: "I’m riding the board fin side up, the new way to surf."

No Naked Swimming
This guy just wanted to wade out through the surf at San Clemente State Park to go for a naked swim on a cold Tuesday morning. Apparently that gets you tackled.

Sorry, no nudity allowed at San Clemente State Park. Photos: Turbowolf

Mini Purse, Mini Check
These are the finalists from the 2011 Pipeline Women's Pro. I guess a $400 first prize wasn't worth the customary oversized check.

The longboard finalists at the 2011 Women's Pipeline Pro, winner with $400 check in hand. (The shortboard winner received the same amount.) Photo: Tony Heff/Freesurf

Volcom Owns the pentagon
The pentagon. Not the Pentagon. As in the shape. And apparently Jay-Z (as in the rapper) is being sued for using Volcom's diamond shape on headphones, records, and consumer products. Jay-Z's music publishing company, Roc Nation, has allegedly ignored Volcom's cease and desist requests, and has continued to use the red diamond logo on music related products, some of which are sold at the same retailers as Volcom's music label. Interestingly, this is not Jay-Z's first diamond-related debacle. In 2005, Jay-Z was sued by the wrestler Diamond Dallas Page for throwing a diamond hand sign, which Page claimed to have trademarked.

Roc Nation vs. Volcom

This is Ridiculous
….and sort of uncomfortable to watch.

This Week in Alana News....
Alana took some racy pics with photographer Bo Bridges. We put one here. We know it’s gratuitous, but you don’t mind.

Alana Blanchard. Another hard day on the job. Photo: Bo Bridges

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