In case you weren’t paying attention, last week was not Reviewed. Strangely, almost nothing weird happened in that seven-day period. It necessitated a one-week break. This week, however, more than made up for it. Enjoy.

Chancho Goes to Mexico
Featuring Sterling Spencer’s Mexican alter-ego. This may be his best one yet.

A Surf Off
Earlier this month, someone snapped a picture of Mitt Romney boogie boarding in La Jolla. Obama bodysurfs. Who’s your president?

Romney vs. Obama. Photos: (L), (R)

Santa Cruz is the Third Best Place to be Single
…According to Kiplinger Magazine, Santa Cruz is one of the Top 10 cities in America to be single. The Santa Cruz Sentinel, however, presents a different opinion: “Several locals say the notion of Santa Cruz as a dating hot spot is laughable. Rather, many believe the contrary: Santa Cruz is, and always will be, a laid-back surf town where flakey, commitment-phobes abound.” Here is a video I found on the world wide web, which parades Santa Cruz’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

Salina Cruz is the Third Best Place to be a Whale
…According to this video. First place goes to Not On the Beach, second place goes to In the Ocean.

More Water Animals on Shore
According to, a whale shark in the Philippines was caught by fishermen and tied up so tourists could pet it for a few hours before it was released. According to the article, “A Facebook picture of a girl ‘surfing’ a captured whale shark has sparked outrage among environmentalists and animal lovers.”

A girl 'surfs' a stranded whale shark in Boljoon, Philippines. Photo:

Even More Water Animals on Shore
According to Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Blog, a 20-foot, 2,000-pound great white was pulled to shore on April 15. Massive. A local fisherman said, “We have seen a lot of sharks, in fact this is an area known for sharks, but we have never seen anything like this."


The Best Bar Mitzvah Invite We Have Ever Received
In a letter from SURFER reader Adam Teel’s uncle, we were informed of Adam’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah. It included this video, which we have deemed the Bar Mitzvah Invite of the Year.

A Place Where People Can Ride the Ink
Everyone loves the Lego Man. And in Alberto Seveso’s trippy photos he underwater shreds.

A Skurfer
AKA a skim board surfer. Brad Domke is a talented creature. There’s nothing like inventing a new way to ride waves so that you can be the best in the world at it.

Yahoo! Sports, A Highly Accurate Source

Good on ya, Nick.

Anastasia Ashley Featured in Men’s Health
In the article “She was asked a range of questions about her surfing career, as well as a few on relationships, men, and how she likes her peanut butter.”

The mainstream's favorite femail surfer, Anastasia. Photo:

Greg Long Gets Lasik
…Someone makes a movie about it.

Paint a Half-Pipe Blue, Call It a Wave
Presenting the “World’s First Plywood Wave.” Click here to watch it. (Skip to the end if you just want to see it in action.)

Oh, Wow.
Matt Wilkinson took it over the top. As usual.

An Amazing Anti-Marijuana Ad
…In case you need some extra persuasion on this national holiday.

Why We Will Continue to Be Portrayed as Idiots
A headline from the surf world posted on Wall Street Journal.

Alex Gray’s Fuel TV Outtakes
Funny stuff.

Instagram Photos of the Week

Posted by @derekdunfee, who explained this as a 'pic from a Brazilian tow comp.' He 'didn't come close to making it.'

Posted by @sterlingspencer, who explains 'Torrey meister called me and was like...can you make me famous...i ran home and grabbed my cannon rebel and he laid on the ground and gave the camera this look that could change the surf world as we know it.'

Posted by @cocom4debarrelkilla (Mason Ho), who explains, 'Seen coco (his sister) got a new board this morn + shesd outa country +she literally cried last time I drew on her board = @xococoho lets see a reaction.' Coco responded: 'What the FAAK! What model board is this I'm going to kill youuuu.'

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