Here are some things you might find amusing.

Barton Lynch’s Illegitimate Son?
Below, 2011 Bells Champ Joel Parkinson stands in front of a poster of former Bells Champ and 1988 World Champ Barton Lynch. “How's this photo of Barton Lynch after he won Bells back in the '80s. My daughter Macy walked past it at Bells the other day and just goes, ‘There's Dad!’ says Joel Parkinson on his blog.


Mysterious Surfing Madonna Sparks Controversy
A debate has ensued in Encinitas, CA, over a piece of outdoor artwork—a mosaic surfing Madonna—which appeared overnight on a wall of an underpass on Encinitas Blvd. Many residents want the art piece to remain, yet the city is threatening to take it down, claiming it “fits the definition of graffiti.” It’s sparked City Hall meetings and Facebook groups and fan pages. Apparently surfboards and religious symbols don’t make street art any less illegal.

Air New Zealand's Interesting New Direction
Marlon Lipke posted this weird/awesome video on his blog. "This is by far the most forward airplane safety video I've ever seen," he says. We'd have to agree.

Taj the Magician
Watch out Zoltan Torkos, Taj is magical too. And odds are, he could do a kick-flip better too if he cared enough to try.

This Kid is Awesome

From the Tosh.0 Blog.

The Most Complicated Surf Game of All Time
A new board game was recently released that lets players "compete in a heat just like the ones in real surf contests." It's called Waimea Wipeout, "The Surfboard Game." You roll die, find the corresponding maneuver on the “Sunset Beach Surf Break Chart,” roll again, find the next number on the chart, add a bunch of stuff together, and 10 minutes later get your score for you first wave. And curiously, none of the images on the game are actually Waimea.

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