CLIP OF THE WEEK: Nic Von Rupp, Two Islands
While he hails from Portugal by way of Germany, this edit of Nic Von Rupp proves that he’s also quite at home in Hawaiian tubes. In this documentary-style clip, Nic takes us to Pipeline and the Valley Isle where he finds plenty of open tubes and heaps of open face.

Three Waves from Conner at Rincon
Short, powerful, clean. This clip of Conner Coffin knows that you have a limited attention span and presents you with less than 60 seconds of BS-free Rincon ripping.

Sie River Ist Firing!
With only a select strip of swell-starved coastline, it’s safe to say that Germany ain’t Indo. But that hasn’t stopped the Germans from joining the lineup. Here’s river surfing, Munich style.

Slater Goes West 
A little West Oz and a little Slater, all layered over Led Zeppelin. C’mon on in, you know you want to.

Maz Quinn The Beaten Track
If this barrel-sodden, empty-peak clip doesn’t have you lusting over New Zealand, you’re on the wrong website.