CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dillon Perillo
If you’ve longed for a video that got into the heart and mind of Dillon Perillo, this is the one for you. Even if you haven’t been longing for that, certainly you can enjoy a well-made, well-soundtracked clip of the stylings of Mr. Perillo in some warm-water pointbreaks.

Knost in Newport
Many paths exist for the good surfer to explore. Knost chose a path that most surfers haven’t, and for that, his surfing is compelling. As are the dreamy Newport wedges he dances with in this clip.

Jeremy Flores’ Road Trip
Flores didn’t exactly tear it up at Bells, so he headed down the Victoria coast to take out his frustrations on some fun-looking peaks. John John Florence makes an appearance too, his rail game in full display.

Warm Water Holes
Just Marti Paradisis in some nasty looking Nias.

Throwback Clip of the Week: TearDevils Trailer
Some of the ’90s most fun surf videos, the TearDevils series was grossly hilarious. The Ozzy cameo is incredible.