This Week in Webclips

The best surf videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dane Reynolds and Yadin Nicol in California
To be fair, anything featuring Dane Reynolds will likely be clip of the week. He could just sit on a couch reading a book, film that, and bam, clip of the week. He’s that compelling. Anyway, he’s not even the star of this edit; Yades is, along with those delicious greater-SB-area waves.

Hide and Seek
Mikey Brennan is not afraid of the same things you are. Smashing into rocks? Not afraid. Lung-searing hold downs? Not afraid. Ten-foot thick lips? Also not afraid. As a result, he gets bigger and better waves than you.

Aritz Aranburu, Keramas
Surfing is fun. Look at Aritz here, just ripping the shit out of Keramas. I bet he’s having fun.

Cornish Treasures
Yep, that’s right, England. Spitting barrels, backside rotators, layback snaps, all in a country that doesn’t produce a ton of surf clips. For that reason alone, it’s here. Plus, when was the last time you saw high-performance longboarding?

Throwback Clip of the Week: 5th Symphony Document excerpt
Directed by Chad Campbell under Taylor Steele’s Poor Specimen umbrella, 5th Symphony Document won Best Video at the 2001 Surfer Poll Awards. This clip features a fully-haired Dorian slabbing it somewhere in Hawaii, and Slater wearing the biggest pair of board shorts in history.