This Week in Webclips

The best surf videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Skimboard Craziness
I don’t know. It just seems like this is a terrible idea. Towing into giant Mexican tubes on a skimboard? Turns out, however, that Brad Domke is a badass. At least at skimboarding through scary barrels. Bonus: Del The Funky Homosapien is just the best, and a Both Sides of the Brain track elevates this edit to Clip of the Week status.

Rozsa Does Nica
Toñas, Flor de Caña, gas station fried chicken, and incredibly fun waves. That’s Nicaragua. Add one dash of Nick Rozsa laying waste to some warm-water wedges, and you’ve got a perfect advertisement for TACA Airlines.

Marlon Gerber, Nias
Look! Turns at Nias. Carving 360s even. And, some meaty tubes packed as well. All courtesy of Marlon Gerber.

How, Why
Remember Fabio Gouveia? World Tour guy in the early ’90s. Reasonably successful, lethal backhand. Now the proud father of Ian, a stylish goofyfooter that doesn’t shy away from unnecessary switch-stance pigdogging. Nor is young Ian afraid of punting massive backflips.

Throwback Clip of the Week: Feral Kingdom excerpt

The Rip Curl Search videos were the Best Surf Movies Ever Made. Ever. Especially Feral Kingdom. This clip is so incredible that it screwed up YouTube’s code, and forces itself upon the viewer twice. The second time actually blows up the sound function due to the accumulation of so much incredibleness.