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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Ryan Hipwood, the Right
The first thing you probably think when watching this video is: why? Why would anybody stare down the barrel of that wave then decide, yeah, I’m out there. It’s a fine question, and I don’t have the answer. But that’s why I’m writing about that wave and not surfing it.

Slater and his GoPro
Getting that wedgy barrel wired is pretty impressive, but what’s really amazing is how fast Kelly gets the GoPro from his mouth to his hand. Right as he takes off — BAM — mouth-to-hand transition. I’m telling you, it’s the best part of the clip.

To the Points
We took Torrey Meister, Josh Mulcoy, and Colt Ward down to Mainland Mexico last month and made this charming SURFER exclusive video of the experience. The waves were pretty good.

Kiron Jabour’s Winter
Kiron Jabour’s winter was nothing like yours. Unless you spent the season paddling into outer reef behemoths and packing eye-watering Pipe barrels. If that is how you spent your winter, well, Kiron, then I guess this will look familiar.

Claiming: A Retrospective
Matt Warshaw unveiled a new Encyclopedia of Surfing entry this week: the Claim. Turns out, we’ve been doing them for years and years. Here’s video evidence.

Throwback Clip of the Week/Happy Birthday Clip of the Week: Montaj

Surprise! It’s the whole thing, not a clip. Montaj was/is incredible, and after watching it again, the thought that Taj will actually be on Tour longer than Slater started to creep in. He’s 36 (as of June 2), but surfs better than he did when he was 26, and he doesn’t really seem to age. Slater will eventually leave the Tour to ascend into the dimension from which he came, but it’s hard to imagine Taj as anything other than a pro surfer.