This Week in Webclips

The best videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Benji Brand, Namibia
If I added up all the tube time I’ve ever watched—just watched, mind you, not actually lived in real life—it still wouldn’t equal the ridiculous length of this bit of video game-level tuberiding. Maybe the clip of the year.

Alejandro Moreda, Refreshé
Puerto Rico’s Alejandro Moreda is well-rounded. Airs, turns, tuberides, you name it. Here he is, at home and abroad, doing everything but walking the nose.

Nick Rozsa, Homegrown
Yes, more Nick Rozsa please. Not only is the man one of California’s finest and most stylish regularfoots, but he can also point out dolphins with the best of ’em.

Lunchtime Sessions with Karl Attkins
Could probably do without the Biggie remix, but could definitely not do without the overhead shots of the shallow reef. That’s a fine way to spend a lunch break.

Throwback Clip of the Week: Chris Won and Cavin Yap
Remember this? Guys standing up on bodyboards and ripping? Won and Yap’s layback carves were a completely different approach to that of the finless surf movement currently percolating through the Byron Bay zone. They also presented problems in aggressive lineups: how are you supposed to vibe somebody who stands up on a bodyboard?