This Week in Webclips

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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Gooseberry Road Trip
There will be people who will watch this video and become enraged that their NorCal spot has been videoed for the whole Internet to see. Thankfully, there are like four of those people, so you’re not likely to run into them. You’re also not likely to luck into this much quality surf on a run up into the icy fringes of the north. But still, the West Coast = whole lot more than Southern California. Torrey Meister, Timmy Reyes, Cory Lopez, and Brett Barley can tell you that.

Disoriented Taiwan
Taiwan fun facts: Highest amount of convenience stores per capita of any country on earth; roughly the size of Massachusetts; Little League baseball powerhouse. Also, plenty of warm waves. This looks like fun, and the clip gets bonus points for surfcraft variety.

Great Days
CJ Hobgood, the Tour’s most liked surfer (I’m just assuming), philosophizing and stylishly ripping in some fantastically-colored West Oz surf.

Adrien Toyon—From Road to Ocean
You know Adrien Toyon. He’s that guy from Reunion Island who always does well in the Triple Crown, and who the webcast commentators can’t help comparing to Rob Machado. Here he is, looking comfortable in some serious Hawaiian juice.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Shelter excerpt (2000)
Back in the olden days of going to the record store, it took me forever to track down this Mason Jennings track. No matter how crappy the surf, the song always made me think about this clip, and how warm and fun the waves looked. The rest of the record is meh. Unlike this throwback clip, which contains the late ’90s stylings of Nathan Webster (of all people), the Mob, Gerr, Ross Williams, and many, many more.