CLIP OF THE WEEK: Good Morning Marie
If, like me, you watched all this Marie madness from fog-bound and relatively flat Northern California, it can be hard to believe that all those waves we were seeing were breaking south of Point Conception. I mean I’m old enough to remember all the “Pipeline Comes to Newport” hype from 1997, but this…this was hard to take. The eyes see that yes, the incredible lefts in this clip are pumping through Newport, but the brain says “Really? Newport?”

Reef McIntosh at Zuma
After years of getting barreled on the North Shore, Reef McIntosh took a deep breath, collected himself, and prepared to take on the ultimate test that he’d spent a lifetime working toward: summertime tubes in Southern California. He passed the test.

Laird Hamilton at Malibu
His Lairdness swept his way all over the Malibu lineup this week, shooting the pier and wowing the crowds. At the :21 second mark, he shares a wave with Joel Tudor, who somehow is able to ride a Malibu wave without a paddle. The guy is so talented.

Wave of the Swell at Sandspit
Sandspit breaks on the occasional sharply angled south, but not usually like this. Maybe not ever like this. I’d plunk down a hefty bet that on Wednesday, August 27, 2014, nobody on earth caught a better wave than Santa Barbara local Gabe Venturelli.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: The Master and the Apprentice
Going way, way back for this one: like last week. Since this decade will now be defined by “Before Marie” and “After Marie,” this clip counts as a throwback. Slater and JJF, just rapping about their miracle heat during the Billabong Pro Tahiti way back in the “Before Marie” era . Slater calls JJF the “best barrel rider in the world.” JJF calls Slater “dad.” Shit…wait — COULD IT BE?