The Week in Webclips

The best videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Chicken Soup
Great song, fun waves, some slo-mo cows, and Ozzie Wright doing his thing on a board that looked like it was not at all on the same page as its rider. No matter. Ozzie wrestles that pink/hideous green plank into submission, until about the 2:24 mark, when the board, clearly tired of Ozzie’s shit, tries to enter into orbit without him.

Malibu Marie
Hey, did you hear? Southern California had some pretty good waves last week. Here’s some classy black and white footage of Malibu in all its wave-sharing, rail-bashing, Laird-SUPing glory. FRONT FOOT TRACTION ALERT: 1:19

Cory Lopez, Still Shredding
Yes. Cory Lopez, south of the border, accompanied by some thrashy music. It’s the ’90s all over again. Nothing wrong with that.

Dane’s Dirty Dozen
Just 12 of Dane’s best waves of the last few years, according to his personal filmer, Mini Blanchard. Nobody has seen Dane surf more than Mini, so I’ll take him at his word that these are the cream of the crop.

Stylemaster Matt Archbold, ladies and gentlemen, here for your video watching enjoyment. Ripping little waves on boards that are bigger than what John John rides at macking Teahupoo. That’s just what we did back then. Well, that’s what Archy did anyway.