CLIP OF THE WEEK: Indo for Two
An ode to two Desert Point locals, Usman and Awan, who’ve spent more time behind the Indonesian curtain than most of the World Tour. All that, and they don’t even need surnames.

Taylor Knox Takes the Rail To Work
If you miss seeing Taylor on Tour, you’re surely not alone. Power carves, a handlebar mustache, and an incomparable mastery of his rail—what’s not to love about Taylor? Plus, the man practically sweats testosterone. Watch this clip, take a few notes, and emulate T.K. during your next session.

Beachside Barrels
If you’re at all like me and have been staying up way past your bedtime to watch the Quik Pro, only to find out they’ve either put the comp on hold again or it’s a lay day, this footage from PK will leave you feeling either A) fired up to go find a few beachbreaks or B) curious as to why they couldn’t have held the contest at this beach. Either way, it’s the World Tour deep in some French tubes.

Laurie Towner and his Tahitian Beating
A few weeks back, Hollywood touched down in Teahupoo to shoot the sequel to Point Break and abso-fricken-lutely scored. However, it wasn’t all perfect tubes with clean exits. Laurie Towner, who’s surfing for Johnny Utah, took a serious beating. He recounts it above.

Greg Long Talks Close Calls with Vice
If one near-death battle story ain’t enough for you, here’s Greg Long, opening up to Vice about just how close he’s come to death.