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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Jordy Smith at Lowers
A great example of what it takes to win a World Tour event. Jordy Smith slayed Lowers during the Hurley Pro, but that result doesn't happen without a dedicated stretch of preparation, which is what you'll see in this here clip. Jordy logged days in that lineup, and it paid off. And the best news is that we get to watch it all.

Deep Mexico
It's not the parts of Mexico your parents warned you about, but hot damn does it still look dangerous. Massive wipeouts and speed step-offs make for an entertaining few minutes of beachbreak footage.

John John Sucks
An interesting take on one of the most talented surfers out there right now, yes, we'll admit it. We don't really understand the title either, but the compilation of JJF highlights is something we can surely get behind.

Nate Behl, Again
The last clip we saw of him, he was getting barreled in a tropical morale. Hell, that's actually every clip we see of him. Keep up the good work, Behl. Here's some more of the same.

Throwback(ish) Clip of the Week
Wasn't that long ago, but still counts as a throwback, hey. The Distant Shores, produced in conjunction with our Big Issue a couple years back, is surf adventure at its finest. Watch it again, then start looking into airfare.