CLIP OF THE WEEK: World Tour Scores Portugal…Just Not At The Contest 
While the opening round of the Portugal comp was held in acrid conditions, on an off day, most of the WT ventured away from the contest venue where they found an idyllic beachbreak setup with perfect head-high tubes and an array of ramps. It's all top-shelf surfing, but Jordy's wave at the 1:05 mark is a standout.

Yago In Indo
Yago Dora made the trek from South America to Indo recently where he—wait for it—completely scored. Airs, barrels…more airs…more barrels. It’s that kind of clip and it’s definitely worth four minutes of your life.

Connor O’Leary
Never heard of Connor O’Leary? Here’s a primer: Dude rips.

Taylor Clark Had A Nice Lil Summer
We know it, you know it, the whole world knows it: SoCal has had a damn fine summer. In this clip, Taylor Clark displays his best waves from the Hot Season.

Roman Ripping

Leo Fioravanti, arguably the best surfer to ever hail from the Old Country, bagged himself more than a few keepers on a recent trip to Indo and packaged them here for you to enjoy. Ironically enough, the Italian does some of his finest surfing at Macaroni’s.