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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Ryan Burch In Indo
Asymmetrical tails, odd fin-placements, heaving left-hand barrels, and Ryan Burch collide in our Clip of the Week.

Portugal in Black and White
Although the surf at Supertubes was a few shades below mediocre for the Rip Curl Pro, the World Tour managed to tap into a a handful of secluded Portuguese slabs and points away from the event. Check Kolohe’s tube to massive punt at the :15 second mark.

Portugal II: The Cave 
Kelly, Seabass, and Aritz Aranburu navigate their way through a pock-marked Portuguese slab. Highlights include a few gems from Seabass starting at the :57 mark and pretty much all of Slater’s section.

Portugal III: The Left 
If you’re left with the feeling that every lineup in Portugal--with the exception of Supertubes--was firing this past week, than you’re surely not alone. In yet another World Tour lay day super session, Nat Young, Ace Buchan, Cooper Chapman, Parko, and Anthony Walsh find yet another perfect left-hand peak.

Dale Staples: Skeleton Bay
Because no matter how many times you’ve seen it, POV from Skeleton Bay will never, ever get old.