The Week In Webclips

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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Strange Rumblings In Iceland
One of the most interesting and other-worldly clips from the best movie of the year, all for your viewing pleasure.

Product Placement At Its Finest:
Jamie O’Brien takes you inside the tube on the North Shore with this POV clip. Plus, he skulls a Red Bull mid-barrel. True story.

So Hip, So Crypt
Ando puts his Hypto Krypto board from Hayden shapes deep in the tube in Indo. Suave surfing and high lines abound.

Portugal Goes Big 
Some of the hardest-charging hellmen in the sport recently chased down one of the biggest swells we’ve ever seen at Nazare. It’s cold. It’s scary. And it’s got XXL written all over it.

Curren, Kin, And Friend In California
Because really, who doesn’t like watching Curren? In the webclip above, Tom, his son Pat, and their friend Noah Wegrich travel up the California coast. Silky lines in full effect.