CLIP OF THE WEEK: Jordy Smith, The Getaway
We’ll spare you our thoughts on this clip’s storyline, of Jordy Smith describing what a job is and then describing what a vacation is. Just watch Jordy Smith in Mozambique. Watch it again. Mozambique. That name. That wave.

Peter Mendia, Yeti on the Run
His frontside gouge might singlehandedly save power surfing. Peter Mendia, the great goofy-footed hope.

Chris Bryan, 1,000 Frames a Second
The Internet couldn’t get enough of Chris Bryan‘s cinematic masterpiece this week. Each segment of the above clip represents three seconds of real-time surfing, and each is a front row seat to details of wave riding that the human eye could never comprehend on its own.

The Brothers Gudang, Late-Season Lowers
It’s the summer that’ll never die in Southern California, and no one is complaining. South swells keep sneaking in, and with school in session, Pat and Tanner Gudauskas seem to score some trademark Lowers to pretty much themselves. Is that even possible? Oh, the power of positivity.

“They are the most talented surfers in the world,” says the narrator. “But can you imagine, for one second, what their lives would be like if they never surfed?” In the spirit of Halloween, we present Loose Change. Pro surfers costumed as boring, broke, regular Joes. They’re just like us!