CLIP OF THE WEEK: Brett Burcher, Tunnel Vision
Never heard of Brett Burcher? That’s quite alright. There are only a few things you need to know about the man and his clip: 1) He gets ridiculously barreled and 2) Odds are you’ll never know the location of the lineups in this video. We love when a relatively unknown surfer drops a mysto gem of an edit like this.

Kelly and The Cave
Well before Kelly stubbed his toes and the Internet gasped, he was goings balls to the wall at a Portuguese slab between heats at the Rip Curl Pro. Some heart-thumping, barrel-hunting surfing lies above.

Marzo’s Endless Winter
While he may not be on the tip of the media’s tongue like he was a few years back, Clay Marzo is surfing as sharp as ever. This edit, composed of footage captured in West Oz (with the Maui boy opting to trunk it in their winter) could mark Marzo’s reawakening. And that frontside whip at 3:25? Lawd-Have-Mercy!

Torrey Meister’s Mecca II
Three days and three islands in a little over three minutes of ripping, in surf big and small.

Four years later, his legacy endures. A.I. Forever.