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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Kolohe Andino, Neff Series
Out of the Neff series that took over the web this week, we got the most jazzed about the Kolohe Andino edit. With some solid high-performance shredding at Lowers and a couple of Newport Point x Hurricane Marie clips, make this your amp-up clip for the weekend.

Diamond Blanket
We could go on and on about how well-rounded Torrey Meister is, but the bottom line is that the man has board control and can perform in any conditions thrown his way. Some deep chocolate barrels and a next-level air game are showcased, and for a modern edit, the music doesn't suck. Well done team. Here's your trophy.

Typhoon Nuri, Jaws
This past week saw the opening of the Jaws season. A core crew of big-waves names was out in full force, and paddling and pulling into bombs has become the absolute norm. Between Tyler Larronde's Wipeout of the Year entry and Shane Dorian's Barrel of the Century entry, we feel it's pretty safe to say that big-wave surfing is going to be absolutely insane this winter. Watch this edit and prepare for a season of heavy water.

Filipe Toledo, Road to the Final
If this clip proves anything, it's that Filipe Toledo is the undisputed, small-wave surfing champion of the world. Forget the fact that he pulled out of perfect Chopes and the flak he received for that. He's got his homeland of Brazil backing him, with his parents getting super stoked on the beach. And then yeah, the airs, which will blow your mind.

Dion Agius, Neff Series
We couldn’t help it. Dion Agius may just be having the most fun out of anybody in surfing.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Kelly Slater, Campaign 2
Kelly Slater, Soup Bowl. 'Nuff said.