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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Jaws From The Water
While you’ve most likely seen footage of the Typhoon Nuri swell at Jaws, this latest edit—which was largely shot from the lineup—is frighteningly mesmerizing. And Dorian’s wave at the 3:52? Hot damn that’s some committed surfing.

POV Shipsterns
Ever want to surf Shipstern’s but lacked the fortitude to actually do it? Yeah, us too. This little POV clip from Mikey Brennan is the next best thing.

Michel Bourez Surfs Mullaghmore
When Michel lost out early in France and his World Title hopes went flying out the window, he did what any other professional surfer in his situation would have done, and went to Ireland?

Ozzie Wright Can Do No Wrong
Mr. Wright’s always been known to march to the beat of his own drum, and that’s what makes him such an interesting cat. In this video, he marches on a sled shaped Andrew Doheny.

Cory Lopez Mecca II
For nearly two decades, Cory Lopez has been at the forefront of progressive surfing. And today, at 37 years old, he’s just as dashing as ever. In the video above, Cory drops one banger after another. And how ’bout that roll in at 3:05?

Brendon Gibbens in Überschuss
If massive, crisp airs neatly organized under a German movie title are your thing (and really, who isn’t a fan of that?) this clip from South Africa’s Brendon Gibbens is sure to snap you to attention. Some seriously top-shelf punts abound in this clip.