CLIP OF THE WEEK: Uncharted 
Pete Devries and Noah Cohen, along with an unhealthy amount of neoprene, sure do make the Pacific Northwest shine. Threading deep tubes, freeing fins, and launching full-rotors in arctic onshores, booties and gloves and hoods included. This here full-length clip gives us 20 minutes of cold-water ripping and unbridled Canadian wilderness. Shot entirely on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Always En Route
It makes no difference to us what sticker sits on the nose of Taylor Knox’s boards, all we care about is getting to watch him seamlessly filet open wave-faces as often as damn possible. We doubt the perpetually traveling Knox will slow down anytime soon, so we’re not too concerned. Carry on, T.K.

Yago in Hawaii
Every ounce of hype surrounding the name Yago Dora is justified. This isn’t a scenario where he’s being promoted well, as the next big thing, it’s instead the plain and simple fact that he keeps dropping banger webclips from wherever he goes. His style, attack, and reputation were all in-tune this winter on the North Shore, as this here edit shows.

Field Trip!
A back-of-the-bus jaunt to Nicaragua to score the perfectly tropical alignment of sun, sand, and swell. Permission slips signed, no chaperones, and reeling barrels, this clip overflows with the “here comes the weekend” vibes you’re looking for.

J.O.B. Board Swap at Pipe
Jamie O’Brien has transcended the label of “Pipe Charger,” and now seems now to simply toy with the wave, like it’s a tamed beast he keeps under lock and key in his backyard. See his SUPsquatch antics or the day he paddled out on a foamie when the Pipe Masters were called off for proof. Here’s his most technical Pipeline board transfer yet, filmed from three angles and pulled off with apparent ease. As long as you don’t hold us liable, we suggest you go try this at home.