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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Above Cape Fear
It feels weird to refer to Ours as “Ours” because it will never, ever be mine. Nor should it be. The drone angle provides an unusual view into the weird contortions Ours folds itself into as it surges against skull-shattering cliffs. For that, this edit wins Clip of the Week honors.

Fractured Spines
Speaking of skull-shattering, here’s an edit of Fergal Smith and company recounting their injuries suffered while challenging some of Europe’s meanest waves. It’s cringe-inducing and weirdly inspiring all at once.

Hueys in the Hood
No Mad Huey pranks, just honest-to-god surfing in this clip. Refreshing.

French Chaos
Europe had a hell of a swell-filled winter, for better and for worse. This clip celebrates the latter, and is worth your time if only for the Dorian-led tour of a French barrel.

Jeremy Flores on Slater’s board
Not the most clever title in the world, but this clip delivers on its promise. It would be cool to see more of the rest of the Tour riding Slater’s equipment. Flores seems to do just fine.

A Big Winter
Team Oakley’s winter well-spent on the North Shore.