CLIP OF THE WEEK: Willcox’s Winter
There’s seems to be swell everywhere as we head into the weekend, so let today’s T.W.I.W. be your playlist before you paddle out. We’ll kick things off with Jacob Willcox, who seems to have packed a lifetime worth of tube rides into one Australian winter. Watch the clip, then go full Willcox at your homebreak.

Ke Nui Tour
It’s North Shore wrap-up season, so this surely isn’t the first Hawaii team edit that’s made its way onto your screen. But it is the first with a Jordy Smith section in it. Smith goes bonkers around the 08:00 mark, but there’s plenty to see from his supporting cast before that.

Hold Your Breath
At the right angle, Jaws has that Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon effect, that force of nature feeling of something so powerful and spellbinding it can be hard to comprehend in its entirety. Most of the time, we see the makes at Jaws, the glory of the full rides from the best big-wave chargers in the world. What we miss out on is the true gravity of the situation those men and women paddle into. Press play, and hold your breath.

8 Minutes of Pumping Peahi
(Here’s why they paddle out.)

Amp Sessions: Hawaii
Yeah, we’ll toot the hell out of our own horn, thank you. SURFER’s exclusive clip, Amp Sessions: Hawaii, is seven minutes of pure North Shore mayhem. Save for the odd wipeout or bikini, it’s all action, all clip long. John Florence and Jamie O’Brien drop the sections of the winter for the finale, to the surprise of no one, not one person at all.

Remembering Ricardo
A tribute from the World Surf League. Rest in peace, Ricardo dos Santos.