This Week In Webclips

Jaws, Juno, Brendon, Filipe, groms, and slabs

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Bending Jaws
The flush of Jaws edits after a massive swell can be a bit overwhelming, but the guys over at Take Shelter Productons undeniably do it best. The insider’s look at the men who are making the most noise in the lineup, the best angles of all the action, and a superior editing ability that portrays the exact feeling one might expect if they too were going to charge Jaws, well without the beat downs and near-death experiences.

GROM OF THE WEEK: Russell Bierke
At 17 years of age, this kid is fearless. Paddling and towing into hefty slabs that would have a grown man running the other direction, tail between his legs. If this kid is any implication of what the Australian slab hunting hellmen are producing down under, we all should be prepared to see the limits being pushed exponentially in the coming years. You’re out of your mind kid, but that’s how we like it.

Winter Storm Juno came in and absolutely clobbered the Northeast of the United States last weekend. Winds reaching up to 80 mph, snowfall up to three feet, and coastal flooding. Houses, cars, and streets were destroyed. But instead of hiding, these crazy bastards grabbed their step-ups and headed for a surf right in the smack dab middle of the thing. Not sure how enjoyable it actually was, but you can’t knock ’em for throwing on the rubber and giving it a go.

BREAD AND BUTTER: Pão Com Manteiga
Put Filipe Toledo in waves under 3 foot and you can bet he’s going to do fifteen airs by the time it would take you to catch one wave. It’s almost not fair how well he surfs in small beachbreaks. This edit is more proof of this obvious reality. Add in his bud Gabriel André (or a disguised Gabriel Medina?), and you’ve got yourself sixteen airs, five turns, a floater, and a head dip within 2 minutes.

Did any of you see Brendon Gibbens at the Cluster premiere? The quiet turtle-neck toting wave slayer really does let his surfing do the talking. And that’s exactly what we have here, a collection of some of Brendon’s favorite old and new footage put together by the man himself. And boy are those wafty oops in full rubber something else.

BONUS: Eurogroms Attack Hossegor
Located in front of the one of the best beachbreaks in the world, the Euro Volcom House at Hossegor is every kid’s dream. Hell, it’s every grown man’s dream too. Where can I sign up?