CLIP OF THE WEEK: Hurley Youth In Hawaii
Deep barrels, tweaked airs, and razor-sharp rail work from the Hurley groms (some of whom are barely in their teens) is laid out buffet style in our clip of the week. If you’ve been surfing for say, 15 years, and you’ve yet to stomp an air, this clip could either motivate you or make you want to quit surfing all together.

Ricardo Christie Training Session
New Zealand’s Ricardo Christie will be flying the Kiwi flag on the World Tour this season come the start of Snapper in under two weeks. Judging from this edit, it looks like Ricardo’s approach should mix well with the WT.

Yago In Hawaii
A few years back, we began seeing some footage of Brazil’s Yago Dora. The man bleeds style and crazy airs. In the second video installment chronicling his winter in Hawaii, Yago shows us just how versatile he’s become.

Our Man In Rome
Leonardo Fioravanti just may have one of the most interesting stories in surfing. Hailing from Italy, Leo has overcome all of the obstacles facing a surfer from a country without stellar surf. In this edit, produced by Desillusion Magazine, we get to learn more about Italy’s first pro surfer.

Rip Curl Groms On The North Shore
In the realm of juniors going absolutely haywire (see our clip of the week above) Rip Curl dropped this edit highlighting their best groms and their best rides from the North Shore winter. Noteworthy moments include Pat Curren’s section at the 3:53 mark and Kekoa Bacalso beaming a grom with a dodgeball at the 1:15.