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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Slaber Nackle
Awhile back, photographer Todd Glaser told me that Alex Gray is one of the hardest working surfers in the world. I was keen to believe him given that Todd would know that as well or better than anyone else. After watching Slaber Nackle, which was a less ambiguously titled Year In Review when he premiered it at The Cradle of Storms L.A. screening, it’s clear that Alex is deserving of such a grandiose title. No barrel is out of reach and he’ll show up with a smile on his face and a willingness to huck himself over some of the sketchiest ledges in the world. More than a hard day’s work if you ask me.

Mason Ho: v2 Board Model
Here are 11 reasons you’ll enjoy this clip:
1 – Barrel-to-chop-hop combo (0:12)
2 – Switchstance barrel (0:31)
3 – Backside snap halfway up the face of the wave (0:49)
4 – Massive Rodeo flip stuck (0:55)
5 – Two (female) butts (1:09)
6 – Dad section (1:21)
7 – Run-and-jump backside flyaway (1:40)
8 – Backside indy grab air (1:45)
9 – Backside indy grab air reverse (1:52)
10 – Homie wave (2:00)
11 – Mason Ho doesn’t take things too seriously and actually has fun (0:00 – 2:27)

Noah Beschen turned thirteen a month before this P-Pass session took place. Think about that for a second. Were you charging back-breaking waves (Dave Wassel will attest to that description) before high school? Or ever?

Billabong XXL Wipeout of the Year Nominees
At the expense of sounding overly diplomatic, I think every single one of these nominees deserves some sort of award and here’s why:
1 – Shawn Dollar steam-roll pearls into a 25-ft + Mavericks lip.
2 – Alex Martin couldn’t walk after his and had to pull out of the Mavericks Invitational.
3 – Jamie Mitchell ejects from the top of a wave that may be the biggest ever paddled into.
4 – Alain Riou…just watch.
5 – Koa Rothman’s wave, which scored him one of last year’s Big Issue covers, has one of the thickest lips ever and sucked him over the falls before dragging him over sharp, shallow reef for 200 yards.

Home Sweet Home
Not the biggest or best waves, but Miguel Pupo, along with dad Wagner and little brother Samuel, make them look super fun. Samuel, recently turned thirteen, is already following in his brother’s footsteps. Expect plenty more to come from him.